3 Simple Storage Solutions

Open shelving options offer flexibility

Open tower shelving



by Chelsea Mohr

Storage is always a hot topic when designing your future home. You want it to be decorative, useful and convenient and you also want storage that will grow as your needs grow. Not sure how to achieve this? The answer is open shelving.

Open shelving can be used throughout your home and will allow you to display everyday items, decorative pieces and will visually break up rows of cabinets. Ritz-Craft’s three most popular open shelf applications are as follows:

Open tower: This application helps to break up the countertop and define spaces. These are great in a kitchen at the end of a run of cabinets or in bathrooms between couple’s sinks.

Upper wall cabinets without doors: These allow for a clean transition from cabinet to cabinet and offer the flexibility of adjustable shelves. As pictured above, may be conveniently placed above a washer and dryer. They are also great to the left or right of a sink for easy access to everyday glasses.

 Floating shelves: The best for last! This is my favorite by far. Floating shelves come in array of sizes and don’t always have to be stacked like traditional shelves. Staggering them will add interest to your walls and highlight decorative items. These are great in bathrooms above toilets, between mirrors and in the kitchen on either side of the sink or stove.

All three of these options are offered through Ritz-Craft’s sister company, Legacy Crafted Cabinets, and can match the color and species of other cabinets throughout your home – offering both consistency and functionality.

Which shelving application is your favorite?