4 Ways to Define Space in Open Floor Plans

Everyone loves an open floor plan!

Area Rugs



by Chelsea Mohr

The ability to move from room to room with ease during every day living and entertain is what makes open floor plans feel so luxurious. However, in these large, open plans your eye naturally tries to define different areas. Here are a few tips for better defining spaces within an open floor plan:

1. Furniture Grouping - Arrange your furniture to create designated rooms. Each piece of living room furniture is facing another piece of furniture - defining this area within a large open space. It is okay to use your furniture as a divider. As long as it isn’t too constricting to walk ways.

2. Color - Different colors attract your eye to different areas. If you use a pop of color within your room groupings, it will enhance the look and feel of your open floor plan.

3. Area Rugs - These are great for homes that utilize the same flooring throughout an entire level. Rugs absorb sound and are great for anchoring your furniture groupings and colors. You can use these to tie in your pop of color and create an imaginary boarder.

4. Ceiling Accents - These are great if you can’t use area rugs. Consider combinations like a dropped header with a tray ceiling, accent ceiling lights, ceiling fans over living room furniture or a chandelier over a dining area. Each of these options naturally draws your eye down to that specific area.