5 Design Trends for Fall

Go ahead, be bold

by Shane Bierly



If you gather inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest (I mean, who doesn’t), you’ve probably started to notice some common themes among your favorite photos. Let’s look a little closer at some of these design trends for Fall:


  1. Bold Patterns: Large patterns with geometric shapes, florals and classic chevrons definitely make an impact in any room.
  2. Statement Lighting: How do you accentuate a room? Through accessories! What better way to update a room than through new lighting fixtures. Try ultra-modern lights or a clean and simple piece to drastically change the appearance and feel of a room.
  3. Fashion Show: They say interior design follows the fashion industry. This statement holds true as upholstered furniture flourishes and grows in popularity. Details like pleating, gimps and fringe can help create a refined look.
  4. New Life: Old is new, again. Accents of family heirlooms, fine china and worn fabrics bring character and personality to otherwise ordinary spaces. This fall try something old to get a new look in a tired space!
  5. American Made: More than a trend, it has become a movement. Shop local, buy local. Start with your local crafts people rather than a big-box store where everything is mass produced. These one-of-a-kind designs will help make the room feel special, and best of all, you are supporting local business!

Fall is the season of change. Try one, or all, of the tips provided and breathe new life into your spaces. You’ll be surprised how a couple minor changes can drastically change the look and feel of any room!

How do you decorate for fall? Let us know in a comment below!