Earn the "Host with the Most" Badge

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes

Use your ottoman and other like furniture as appetizer tables to help avoid overcrowded rooms.

By: Dawn Spuesens

Well, it’s officially fall, which means we’ve got everything pumpkin on the mind and the upcoming holidays. They’ll be here before you know it; how many times have you heard that already?

With the holidays come holiday parties, and if you want to be the “host with the most,” then your home better deliver. Whether you have a large formal dining area, a cozy breakfast nook or a chef’s kitchen that blends into the living room, you can follow these tips from our in-house corporate designer to use your space to your advantage and leave your party guests wondering how you did it. 

Décor – Tight on space? Use walls and ceilings instead of tables for decorations. Keep décor simple by adding pops of seasonal color to your rooms with pillows, candles, towels or throw rugs.

Crowds – Don't just plop appetizers in one spot and run! Avoid crowded areas by placing them throughout different rooms. This will also help your guests mingle, and you can showcase that new ottoman you've been so excited to finally put to good use. You can also help speed up the serving process by using your bar or island as a buffet, allowing guests to easily serve themselves.

Lighting – Open curtains, shades and blinds to let natural light in during the day. In the evening, you can use scented LED candles on timers as a wonderful and simple way to evoke a warm and inviting mood. 

Creativity – Double up! Use your kitchen sink as a cooler by throwing ice in it, or use coolers to free up space in your fridge. Dust off the old crockpot and use it as chaffing dish to keep food warm. Don't be shy about asking your friends, neighbors and family members to borrow some extra coolers and crockpots. 

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