Trends that Are Making a Splash in 2016

By: Dawn Spuesens

When it comes to interior spaces, consumers did not hold back in the first half of 2016. They went for it, mixing traditional with modern, classic with bold.

According to Houzz and Ritz-Craft's in-house corporate designer, here are just a few of the trends that made their mark in early 2016:  

Sunday brunch is on - Large kitchen islands, eat-in kitchen areas and breakfast nooks are gaining momentum. Having an accessible, cute space where you can have Sunday brunch, wine and cheese tastings, or pancakes for dinner is a must for today's fast-paced lifestyles.

Mix it up - Neutral colors on top, bold colors on the bottom … we’re talking cabinets here. Mismatched or two-tone kitchens are taking center stage. From matching white with wood cabinets to pairing gray with red, mismatched colors can give your kitchen an elegant yet contemporary look. 

Escape reality - In a tech-centered world, it’s hard to imagine a digital-free room, but tech-free living rooms are taking their stance. We’re constantly surrounded by screens, so having an oasis where you can focus on conversations or get caught in a book (a real book, leave your Kindle at the door) is a nice break from our digital-heavy days. 

Bathrooms are rooms, too - For all the time we spend in bathrooms, how many of ours feel like a special room? Bathrooms that feel like living spaces are gaining popularity, and homeowners are either going all out or finding happy mediums. Vintage, modern, it doesn’t matter; homeowners are embracing bathrooms as living spaces and making them chic and functional. 

Forget a spa day - Fireplaces are becoming the focal point in living rooms that don’t feature TVs, and with today’s gas or electric fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about the smoke or smell; just sit back, relax, and get lost in the captivating flames. 

Tell us what other 2016 design trends you’re seeing, and what your favorites are, by leaving a comment below.