What moods are your rooms evoking?

By: Dawn Spuesens

To paint or not to paint? That is the question. Choosing to paint a room can be a stressful experience, especially when you think about your home's resale value.

Various home improvement websites have found that painting the interior of your home does add to its overall value. Paint can also help protect your walls from life's everyday mishaps, like your toddler deciding that it's the perfect canvas for his next masterpiece. 

It's magical, too, creating visual effects like making a small room appear larger or a northern-facing room appear brighter. Color choice is key here though, as certain colors can evoke certain moods.

So, what moods do you want to express in your home? According to Ritz-Craft's in-house corporate designer, these colors spark the following moods:

Reds - encourage appetite; raise a room's energy

Oranges - promote excitement and enthusiasm

Yellows - increase metabolism; exude happiness

Greens - are soothing and restful on the eyes

Blues - promote productivity and serenity

Purples - add a touch of luxury; promote relaxation 

Neutrals (blacks, whites, browns and beiges) - provide balance in any space (the amount of neutral colors you add will affect the overall mood of any room)

At Ritz-Craft, we use Sherwin Williams Flat Primer in Shell White in all of our retail homes. This helps provide a wonderful foundation and eliminates a step in the process for our builders, who can then easily paint the interior of the home on-site. In our model homes, we select neutral colors in varying tones in Sherwin Williams Flat Finish to help enhance the beauty of the homes' permanent finishes. 

Looking to paint your home? Let us know what colors speak to you by leaving a comment below.