Dare to Dream

Turn any plan into a featured floor plan

A custom cabin in Vermont.



by Shane Bierly

While browsing our floors plans, have you ever thought to yourself how you would change a particular house to make it your home? We have all been there. But here at Ritz-Craft, we don’t let it hold you back.

Go ahead, reverse the plan. Enlarge the Master Suite. Add in that Den with a stone fireplace. We know the home of your dream awaits, that’s why Ritz-Craft specializes in custom homes. Customize any one of our hundreds of floor plans, or, better yet – sketch your dream floor plan and see it come to life.

We are Ritz-Craft Custom Homes, and we dare you to dream.


Chris G. Sellers

6:05 PM on December 30, 2015
This is what I feel separates Ritz-Craft from their peers. Customization is what they foster, and work with you to send the ideas to the state housing authorities for approval for very little cost. Kudos!
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