5 Easy Steps to Building a Ritz-Craft Custom Home

Building your new home isn’t as scary as you might think!

Step 1: Setting a budget and securing financing

When it comes to financing, all system-built homes – including modular homes – are treated the same as homes built on-site. A good rule of thumb is to keep your monthly loan payments between 25 and 33 percent of your monthly gross income. Before you decide on the floor plan that is best for you, it is best to visit a local lending institution and become preapproved for a mortgage. This will give you an idea of what your overall budget will be.

Step 2: Choosing the right floor plan and the perfect amenities

Start your search by browsing through over 300 floor plans here on our website. Remember that all of these homes can be customized to better fit the needs of your family. Once you’re ready to move forward, your local Ritz-Craft home builder will help you choose everything from shingles and flooring, to appliances and cabinetry.

Step 3: Choose your build site and have it inspected

One of the best things about purchasing a home is that YOU choose the location.  If you already own land, you may decide to build on your existing empty lot or you may ask your builder to help you in obtaining a lot. Regardless your home builder will assist you by inspecting your land to see if it is appropriate for the home you want to build and to ensure it meets all applicable requirements.

Step 4: Place order and sign purchase agreement

Now that you’ve selected your home and amenities, double checked the plans and secured financing, it’s now time to place your order. Your home builder will provide you with a purchase agreement for the home and the remaining construction. This agreement is required to begin production on your new home. 

Step 5: Building of your home, transportation and move in!

While your new home is initially being built at one of Ritz-Craft’s regional production facilities, you and your builder will determine a schedule for site excavation and the construction of your foundation. Approximately 6-8 weeks after placing the order for your home, it is delivered to your site. Your home will be safely transported to your building site by a skilled professional and will be securely placed on the permanent foundation. Depending on the complexity your home should be 75% to 80% complete at this point. Your home builder will then complete all outstanding steps of the process which may include completing mechanical systems, hook up of electrical, heating and plumbing systems. After a final walk-through with your builder and your mortgage closing, you will be presented with a certificate of occupancy. Within a matter of weeks, your new home will be move-in ready!