Millennials: Get Out of Your Parent's House

And Into Your Own

By: Dawn Spuesens

Today, more adult children live at home with their parents than any other time in American history. That’s the latest from the Pew Research Center, and while it may go hand in hand with the fact that millennials are waiting longer to get married and have kids, they are still the biggest group of home buyers in America.

In fact, a recent Redfin survey found that 38% of millennials have or would delay other major life milestones like a wedding in order to buy a home. So, what are these new home buyers looking for?

They want smaller, modern, well-built homes with options – lots of options – to make the space their own. When it comes to options, think creative storage solutions, hardwood floors, bold colors, energy-efficient appliances, not moldings or carpet.

Millennials are enticed by updated kitchens and baths, open floor plans, separate laundry rooms (yes, laundry rooms), storage and closets, home offices, low maintenance and energy efficiency – all things that Ritz-Craft Custom Homes offers and offers well.

At Ritz-Craft, you can custom create your home so it is as unique as you are, from open, versatile spaces to self-close cabinets with the chic, weathered look, to faux wood floors and modern fixtures. You can even create a computer network for your whole house with our standard phone wire.

Best of all, our building process is better for the environment. All of our homes are fundamentally green because of our “hidden values” – our detailed construction method that helps us keep building material waste to a minimum. Our attention to detail, like sealing HVAC boots to the floor, helps make our homes airtight and stronger. We also offer Ritz-Craft ENERGY STAR Homes that exceed Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Simply put, Ritz-Craft homes meet all of the items on millennials’ wish lists, while helping them save more money. With our homes, building time is reduced because homes are being built at the same time as the site is being prepared. The reduction in time lowers your interest payments on a construction loan. We also buy materials in bulk, allowing us to keep costs low and pass the savings right on to you.  

Are you a millennial? Instead of letting multiple studies speak to your wants and desires, let your voice be heard and tell us what you’re looking for in a house by leaving a comment below.