Green Building & Energy Star

Keeping energy costs low and conserving our earth’s resources - without breaking the bank - is one of the most important topics when building a home. Ritz-Craft is proud to partner with Energy Star® in offering energy efficient options to our customers.

A recent study conducted by Certified Energy Raters, LLC, a third party company, found that Ritz‐Craft Energy Star® Homes exceeded the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Out of all the homes Ritz-Craft built and labeled as Energy Star® in 2012, the average air infiltration rate was 2.82 ACH, which is approximately 19.5% better than what the EPA considers a ‘tight’ home at 3.50 ACH.

The average HERS score for Ritz-Craft was 50, which is 50% more efficient than the minimum code built home.

Ritz-Craft High Performance/Energy Efficient Options

Although Ritz-Craft offers Energy Star® labeled homes, it is important to note that all Ritz-Craft homes are inherently Green and energy efficient due to our detailed construction methods. Little is wasted of building materials used throughout the building process due to efficient and thorough ordering and planning that goes into every home built.

Since homes are constructed indoors the wood used is not subjected to changes in weather. This provides for walls and floor systems that are true and straight, windows and doors that are plumb and sheathing that is caulked at the seams. All of which results in a home with much less air infiltration.

Below is a list of some of the things behind the walls that Ritz-Craft does to insure that your home is optimally energy efficient.

•    Receptacles on the exterior wall have gaskets
•    Marriage wall perimeter have gaskets
•    Doors and window flanges are caulked
•    Exterior wall headers are insulated
•    Sealing of all bath fans and recessed light fixtures that go thru the ceiling drywall
•    Tub and showers on exterior walls have drywall behind them
•    Plumbing openings are sealed
•    Range hood vents and dryer vents are sealed
•    Fireplace walls are insulated and sealed when on exterior walls
•    Chase walls are insulated on the inside
•    Perimeter bands are insulated with R-30
•    Horizontal joist on OSB at exterior wall are caulked
•    Plumbing and electrical penetration thru studs are caulked and sealed
•    All homes are third party inspected

Click here to view our in-plant Air Barrier Inspection Checklist.

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