Quality Control Inpsector (MI)

Quality Control Inspector (MI)

Quality Control Inspector (MI)

Job Summary

Ritz-Craft is looking for a Quality Control Inspector at our Jonesville, MI facility who has experience in quality control and shortage management.

Job duties

  • Primary duty is the ensure that the quality of the homes being built meet Ritz-Craft standards
  • Responsible for final inspection prior to the home leaving the production plant
  • Monitor the shortage process, entering into the database all shortage items received from the auditor
  • Responsible for contacting purchasing and plant personnel of shortages, alerting all personnel who need to know of the shortage. 
  • Monitor the shortage database and reporting any issues with improper use to management
  • Alert operations if a house will be shipped with a shortage
  • Alert the sales and transportation department if there will be any delay in on-time delivery of the home


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