Ritz-Craft Commercial Building || A Better Way to Build

When it comes to Commercial Building and Construction, experience is everything. With over $14 million worth of projects completed in 2015, and a total of $23 million over the past four years,
Ritz-Craft has considerable experience and expertise in a variety of commercial building markets. 

With a history of delivering jobs on-time and on-budget, Ritz-Craft’s portfolio of projects has grown to include college and university dormitories, apartment buildings, resort accommodations, corporate retail offices and assisted living facilities.


Our value propositions:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • In-House Engineering Staff
  • Off-Site Building Solutions
  • Fast Building Timelines
  • Energy Efficient Construction
  • Defined Costs
  • Customization Welcomed

With construction facilities in Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina, Ritz-Craft’s Commercial Building Division has the ability to service a majority of the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast United States, plus parts of Ontario, Canada. 

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