Introducing the Ritz-Craft Favorites System

We have searched high and low, but no other modular home provider has a tool quite like this one.

View My Favorite Floor Plans

The first area where you will see mention of the Favorites System is under the Advanced Search area of the Floor Plans Section. By clicking on this link, you will be prompted to either sign-in to your existing Favorites Account or create a new one.



by Myles Biggs

In a previous blog article, we discussed the theme of moving from customization to personalization when it comes to floor plan design. A new tool that went live today on our website takes this idea one step further and works to personalize the entire modular home selection process.

As you navigate the floor plans and the options sections of our website, you will notice the appearance of a star, accompanied by the phrase “add to favorites.” By clicking on this star you will be prompted to create your personal Ritz-Craft Favorites System Account.

Once your account is created you can comb through the website and add your favorite floor plans, colors and options to your Favorites Account. Once all of your Favorites have been added you can access your account to view your choices, compare floor plans, designate what room you’d like each option to be placed in and even email your Favorites list to a friend or to your modular home builder.

A full, step-by-step walk through of how to set up your Favorites System Account can be found in the image carousel above.

As a modular housing manufacturer, it is our goal to make the new home buying process as consumer-friendly as possible. It is our hope that this tool will allow you to make more informed buying decisions, save you time and allow you to have more in-depth conversations with your custom home builder.

After you create your personalized Favorites System Account, be sure to tell us about your experience in the comments section below! We appreciate all the feedback you have to offer.